Technical articles relating to Security, On-line Banking, Investments, Pensions, Insurance, Machine Translations Systems, Terminology Databases, Object Oriented Software Engineering Methods, Java Intranet Applications, Digital Radio Communications and Low Earth Orbit Satellites. These articles have been authored or co-authored by Cycom Ltd.

Internet delivery of financial products

  1. On-line Banking

  2. On-line Insurance Quotation

  3. On-line Illustration of Pension and Investment Plans

Digital Radio Communication

  1. Narrow Band Morse Code with Coherent Detection

  2. Low Earth Orbit Satellite for Email to Hand-held Terminals

  3. Patent for Low Earth Orbit Satellite

Object Oriented Software Engineering

  1. OO Project Problems

  2. Reducing the Cost and Risk of IT Projects

  3. Why Java?

  4. Sample project using Objectory and UML

Human Language Translation

  1. Proposal for a Terminology Network

  2. Enabling Technologies for Multi-lingual Information Systems

  3. Project to develop a multi-lingual document engineering system


  1. Scheme to improve rail safety and allow increased number and speed of trains


  1. Mail port forwarding via SSH

  2. CVS pserver port forwarding via SSH

  3. Use floppy disks on Red Hat or Pink Tie Linux 9

  4. How to measure electricity consumption of household devices

  5. How to edit web pages using jEdit with the WebDAV plugin

  6. How to setup a mail client to use secure IMAP protocol

  7. How to install and configure a SIP VoIP Softphone for use on a dialup internet connection

  8. How to use BT telephones for a private network