Christopher Turner

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Chris Turner now offers Object Oriented Consultancy specialising in UML documented analysis and design and the Java language for implementation.

Chris Turner is a software engineer with an electronics background and a passion for the design of working systems that will genuinely enable the end user to achieve their goal. He has dedicated himself to Internet related technology with all development using the Java platform. He is strong supporter of formal quality software engineering methods such as the Rational Unified Process and Object Oriented Design and has more than a decade of experience at all levels of the development process.

Personal Details


Christopher William Turner


6 Shelton Court, London Road, Slough, SL3 7JQ

Telephone No.

+44 1753 572906 or mobile: +44 7986706901




Date of Birth

call 1958



Passport number


Radio Callsign


Driving Licence


National Insurance


Tax Reference



Cycom Ltd. No. 1730123, 8 Jun 1983

Security Level

SC (Security Check). Cleared up to and including SECRET+CRYPTO


University of Liverpool - B.Eng. (3rd) Electronics
5 'A' Levels - Mathematics (A) Physics (A) Chemistry (C) Biology (E) Spanish (D)
11 'O' Level and GCSE including :- German(B),Spanish(B),French(4)
Sun Certified Java Programmer (1996).

Current Skills

Present interests

Turbine blade design software, Java groupware productivity tools, Natural language translation tools, Evolved artificial neural networks. Digital Radio and satellite communications. Computer security, Software agents. Internet delivery of financial products, E-commerce.

Employment History

June 2009 – March 2010 Cycom Ltd. Two Oaks, Manor Road, Rangeworthy, Bristol. BS37 7LR.

Ported PayPal online payment merchant webservice from a Java servlet with MySQL database to a Python implementation with Google BigTable database so that the payment service can be entirely in the Cloud running on Google hardware and infrastructure. Conducted research on renewable energy technologies including solar photovoltaic designs. Created designs for vacuum insulated panels and windows. Consulting to client Ventulus Ltd, designed a series of vertical axis wind turbines and investigated the methods and materials for production. Investigated turbine control algorithms and future production cost reductions. Created designs for in-service monitoring of blade strain and fatigue damage.

April 2008 – May 2009 Detica Ltd. London Area.

As Java consultant, implemented web client and Java service components. Used Java, Spring, Hibernate, J2EE, JMS, XML, JSF, Facelets, JUnit, EasyMock, Maven, Weblogic Portal and Oracle database technologies in a service oriented architecture.

Aug 2007 – March 2008 Cycom Ltd. Two Oaks, Manor Road, Rangeworthy, Bristol. BS37 7LR.

Consulting to clients Limavady Gear Company and SkyRota Roof Turbines, extended Java WebStart based wind turbine design software to handle vertical axis turbines. Functions added include modelling of airfoil beyond stall, modelling of fixed speed turbine in varying wind speeds, iteration to solve for deceleration of wind and integration of torque and thrust over revolution. Designed optimum rotor blade profiles and provided mechanical strength and stiffness requirements. Designed and provided remote monitoring of prototype turbine using Asus solid state EEEPC with USB I/O interface to wind sensor and pulse outputs of import/export power meters. The I/O software was written in C and ran under Debian Linux on Asus EEEPC and used OpenVPN and Apache2 web server to allow remote management and presentation of turbine operating data complete with video snapshot of turbine. Researched and advised on induction generator options and electronic power conditioning circuits. Designed and implemented PIC microprocessor based controller for monitoring rotation speed and applying and releasing a hydraulic brake via a linear actuator.

Continued to support client Ocella Software Ltd with maintenance of the Java, Axis2, Oracle based Planning Portal web service client running on JBOSS platform.

Feb 2007 – Aug 2007 Thales UK Ltd, Wookey Hole Road, Wells, Somerset BA5 1AA.

As consultant software engineer, worked on Java software system to provide a C2IS (Command and Control Information System) for use by NATO. Used Telelogic Rhapsody 7.1.1 UML modeller, Java 1.5, Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Portal, and Rational ClearCase. Developed Remote Portlets in Java to provide a User Interface to information management functions to be deployed within an Oracle Portal framework. Implemented the User Interface initially using JSF, MyFaces, Facelets and Tomahawk components and intended to later use AJAX4JSF technology but the current implementation of these technologies did not fit the portlet model very well and there were concerns about the amount of resources consumed keeping the portal page refreshed with low latency. Prototyped an alternative GUI technology using Java Applets and Swing and communicating to a web application servlet running at the side of portal as well as communicating with the JSF based portlet. In this way the client could be more interactive with less traffic via Portal and it allowed for an eventual transition to a change event driven means of maintaining an up to date client view since a trusted Applet is able to listen for events. The server side information management functions included creating a file from template and specifying associated MOD standard metadata for storage in the Oracle Content Management System. The functions were implemented via Web Services using W3C, XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI standards. The client Java API to these web services was generated from the WSDL and XSD schemas using the Apache Axis-2 tools and Xmlbeans data binding.

April 2006 – Feb 2007 EADS Astrium. Anchorage Road Portsmouth Hampshire PO3 5PU.

As consultant software engineer, worked on Java software system to manage the Paradigm Modems intended for the Skynet 5 capability. Used Rational Rose UML modeller, Java 1.5, Eclipse, Junit, CORBA and Rational ClearCase. Developed modules to generate PKI digital certificates and keys in PKCS12 format and sign and verify RSA detached signatures and DSA Enveloped XML signed messages using Bouncy Castle and web services libraries. Used JAXB2 generated classes to read and generate XML messages. Implemented secure RMI over TLS encrypted connections with mutual authentication. Implemented secure custom JMS implementation using secure https server based on JETTY source code again with mutual authentication on TLS connections and digital signing of XML messages passed. Set up a test network to test the messaging between a Linux machine running the modem OS and core services and a windows machine representing the Element Manager.

June 2004 – Feb 2006 Vega Group PLC, 360 Bristol Business Park, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol. BS16 1EJ.

As consultant to Vega clients, worked to develop XML schema for messaging of cancer data from NHS to cancer registries. Supported NHS Integration Authority to maintain a UML based data dictionary. Provided business analysis for MOD Integration Authority in a project using UML. Holds role of Team Leader developing and deploying Java Web Start applications for MOD Integration Authority. Supported an evaluation of issue tracking systems for European Southern Observatory by installing a J2EE based application (iTracker) on JBOSS on Linux. As Consultant to Ocella Software Systems, designed and implemented an XML/ Asynchronous Web Service integration on both JBOSS J2EE server and Oracle J2EE Application Server between their Oracle based Local Authority Applications and the National Land Information Service. Also for Ocella Software Systems, he developed Oracle Portlets and J2EE Web applications to support the uploading of planning document attachments from the public to a planning portal via the Web. He is currently implementing a Web Services client to allow Local Authorities to access the Government Planning Portal Synchronous Web Service. This Web Service uses WSDL, SOAP with Attachments and HTTPS technical standards. An MD5 based MAC provides authentication. The government standard XML Schemas from the govtalk web site are re-used to define message content and provide maximum interoperability. For an on-line business, he implemented Java Servlets on JBOSS/Oracle for integration with PayPal in Instant Payment Notification mode and SECPay payment Web Services and for Ocella, the sending of email with attachments.

July 2003 – June 2004 Cycom Ltd. Two Oaks, Manor Road, Rangeworthy, Bristol. BS37 7LR.

Continued to develop Club Cycom Java software, adding support for IGES and DXF CAD file output for turbine blade design, computing blade areas, volumes and structural stresses, adding hydrofoils and other features for underwater and multi-stage turbines. Provided turbine blade consultancy for Tidal Hydraulic Generators Limited. Provided Java applet consultancy to 3D anatomy image company Primal Pictures Limited.

May 2003 – June 2003 Hutchison 3G, Gasometer C, Vienna, Austria

Using Java 1.4, BEA Weblogic 6.1, Sun Solaris 8, Oracle 8.1.7, and Entrust GetAccess developed test tools and reliability wrappers for a security system to support detection of failure and automatic fail-over to alternative components. Created a compatible alternative Java implementation of the crypto server component running 7 times faster than the original and eliminating all dependencies on Entrust Authority PKI.

Aug 2002 – April 2003 SchlumbergerSema, Aztec West, Bristol

Using Java 1.4, BEA Weblogic 6.1, Sun Solaris 8, Oracle 8.1.7, and Entrust GetAccess developed and supported a Product and Services Security System. This distributed Java based system used HTTP, RMI, Corba and custom protocols to achieve the securing of Hutchison 3G web application products and web services designed to be accessed by semi-trusted 3rd party web application servers and untrusted 3G mobile handset and Internet users. Identified serious omissions in the design documentation, test cases, operational models and implementation for this system and worked with the lead designers to correct those errors where they were within project scope. Assisted H3G UK, Australia and Austria to install and configure this system (see testimonial) .

Aug 2000 - July 2002 Cycom Ltd. Two Oaks, Manor Road, Rangeworthy, Bristol. BS37 7LR.

Using J2EE 1.2 and 1.3, Rational Rose, and MagicDraw UML tools, developed training materials for client ContentMaster for Sun's training courses on Java J2EE and Blueprints (J2EE Design Patterns). Produced working instructional demonstration applications for an ATM network (banking) and on-line car hire to show how design problems (performance, scalability, complexity) can be solved using proven patterns. JSPs, custom tags, servlets, applets, XML configuration files and EJBs were components of the web applications. Launched Club Cycom ( providing terminology data sharing tools implementing XML based ISO standard interchange formats and wind turbine design tools. Particular weight has been placed on designing for scalability, security, richness of user interface, and low user maintenance costs. An Application Service Provider (ASP) model has been adopted as most appropriate and technology such as J2EE Application Servers, Java Web Start rich clients, and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure, X509 digital certificates, encryption) were used. Provided Java RMI consultancy to client Future Publishing (see testimonial) where a Java 1.1 client applet distributed to Windows and Macintosh clients communicated to an RMI based server running on Sun Solaris OS and an Oracle 8i application server.

Aug 99 - Aug 2000 Intel Corporation, Pipers Way, Swindon

Using Rational Rose UML tool, Java 2 and XML technology, developed a client web based application for Supply Line Management. This is used by Intel's customers to maintain their inventory levels within specified levels. More than $0.5 billion of orders per month are managed by this system. Mentored and trained Intel staff. Identified and designed a solution for a potential security weakness.

Dec 98 - Aug 99 The Trade Directory Partnership.

Using UML for analysis and design and Java 1.2 platform, JavaMail, Jigsaw web server and Linux, designed and developed interactive web sites to facilitate international commodity trading (now with 700 users). The servlets and applets use XML to exchange and persist the java objects representing trades, traders, purses, and sites. The system features a robot which visits external web sites and posts trades, generates email and web reports and deducts nanopayments from the user's digital cash purses for each service rendered. Two hosts, one in the US and one in the UK will eventually provide a distributed service for load sharing and reliability in the face of network or machine failure.

Jul 98 - Dec 1998 Cycom Ltd. Two Oaks, Manor Rd, Rangeworthy, Bristol. BS37 7LR.

Using the Objectory process, UML notation, and Java 1.2 platform, developed a system for collaborative multi-lingual document engineering. Web, Java technology and XML is used to permit users who collaborate on multi-lingual documentation to share and update terminology across organisation, location and language. Acted as consultant to ISO TC37 commitee considering XML based standards for exchange of terminology records. See

Feb 97 - June 98 Sun Microsystems Limited, Riverside way, Camberley, Surrey.

Exclusively using the Java 1.1 and 1.2 language and platform, developed 3-tier intranet and extranet applications for a sales quotation system and a database of Sun partner details. Used RMI, JDBC and JFC (Swing). Assisted in the design and deployment of authentication and encryption security protocols. Created an OO methodology for use by the group (adapting Jacobsons' methodology). Created reusable software components in Java for internationalising Java applications and date and number formatting. Mentored Sun's staff.

Aug 96 - Feb 97 Cycom Ltd. Two Oaks, Manor Rd, Rangeworthy, Bristol. BS37 7LR

Construction of permanently connected web server for Cycom Limited including hardware and network configuration, mail configuration, ftp server, custom Java server programs and HTML page markup. Implemented an HTTP/1.1 web server, web counter, and remote file editor all in Java. Trained in encryption techniques and the Java language. Developed schemes to deliver financial products such as insurance, investments, pensions and banking over the Internet.

Aug 95-Aug 96 NatWest Insurance Services Limited, Wine Street, Bristol.

Design and development of an insurance administration system covering quotation, policy issue,adjustments and claims. Used the OMT methodology with the System Architect Case Tool. Designed a detailed domain model for the insurance domain. Most work was in C++ for the Microsoft NT workstation with some writing of SQL stored procedures and VB4 test harnesses. Ideas accepted included the use of development version labels which greatly improved the time to perform integration builds of all projects and the implementation an intranet pilot project to put the project documents into hypertext HTML format so that efficient access with WEB browsers was possible.

Dec 94-Aug 95 Cycom Ltd. Two Oaks, Manor Rd, Rangeworthy, Bristol. BS17 5LR.

Design and prototype of a narrow band digital radio intended for electronic mail delivery or signalling. The commercial standard for Digital Short Range Radio, the amateur radio standards and the 16 bit Siemens microcontroller (SAB80C166) were investigated. Two articles were published in Datacom (BARTG) and Oscar News (AMSAT UK) journals and a patent application GB2299489A has been published relating to a Low Earth Orbit Satellite for Electronic Mail to Hand-held terminals.

Apr 93-Dec 94 Vodafone Group plc, Oxford Square, Oxford Street, Newbury.

Extended the functionality of Vodafone's radio planning and GIS visualisation tool by adding the ability to produce accurate coverage maps for the new digital GSM network. Performed Object Oriented Analysis and design using the OOSE method to permit migration of the planning tool to a client server architecture based on ORB technology. All development work was performed using C++, ClearCase, Framemaker, ORBIX, ORACLE and the HPUX operating system.

Nov 92-Feb 93 BICC group plc, Quantum House, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP2 4SJ.

Design and implementation in C++ of the GUI, IPC and database aspects of a 3 process software system to automate the commissioning of heating and ventilation systems in buildings. The project work involved interfacing with expert system components based on fuzzy logic developed by Oxford University. The GUI was implemented using the SUN XVIEW toolkit. Persistent objects for the IPC and database modules were implemented by re-using the NIH class library.

Oct-Nov 92 BICC group plc, Quantum House, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP2 4SJ.

Review and enhancement of C++ UNIX communications resource server module of a system which provides integrated management of resources associated with a building including people, space, access, desk and communication resources. The client server architecture used a distributed processing network of PCs and SUN servers.

April-Sept 92 Peter Sherlock Ltd. 5 Whitton Terrace, Rothbury, Nr Morpeth, Northumberland. NE65 7QW.

Research and development of computer Fax software for Unix and Dos using C++. Design review of the DOME Object Request Broker (ORB) with a C++ interface. Areas of research include teleworking, CORBA, CSCW, digital signatures, forward error correction and data compression.

Nov 90-Apr 92 British Telecommunications plc DNM 42, BT Research Laboratories, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich.

Using the C++ programming language, object oriented design techniques and the InterViews toolkit, he developed an M1779 terminal emulator for a UNIX workstation covering DEC , IBM and HP terminal protocols. Interfaces to record/replay programs and a task automation program were incorporated.

Aug 90-Nov 90 Cycom Limited

Education in German, Spanish languages and Object Oriented Analysis and design.

Feb 90-Aug 90 British Telecommunications plc RT/7435 Scottish Mutual House Lower Brook Street, Ipswich.

Using the C++ programming language, object oriented design techniques and the InterViews toolkit, he produced components of a graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit for X based workstations. A high standard of quality control and assurance has been applied to this work. He also developed part of the programming support environment to promote quality and productivity. This included tools to produce documentation and code from a single source file and tools to support an on-line conference between team members.

1987-1990 Astromed Ltd Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge.

As senior software engineer leading a team of 3 he was responsible for the production of all software associated with a low light level cooled CCD imaging system. The system was based on an IBM-AT and UNIX. Achievements include writing assemblers and device drivers for the RISC camera controller, various graphics devices and writing a macro command interpreter with many image processing and analysis functions. Using C++ he developed classes for large image processing (4Kx4K), TIFF file handling, machine control and a simulation model for real-time DNA sequencing.

1985-1987 Robary Ltd, Thompson Lane, Cambridge.

As senior software engineer, he was responsible for the software engineering of a CAD package on a Whitechapel MG-1 UNIX based workstation. He gained experience of writing user interfaces using a windowing graphics library, databases for graphical elements and general CAD/CAM/NC techniques. Achievements include production of a Tektronics emulation on the MG-1, a 3-D shaped viewer driver for the Prime Medusa CAD package and an envelope design program for the Microvax Medusa CAD package.

1985 Digithurst Ltd, Leaden Hill, Orwell, Hertfordshire.

He worked as a consultant and completed the following projects:-

1983-1985 International General Electric Medical Systems Colney Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

As senior software engineer, he was responsible for the development of the image display subsystem of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Body Scanner. Achievements include writing software for downloading a diskless Intel 8086 based image processor from a Data General MV4000 host, controlling user input devices such as the tracker ball and generating elliptical cursors. This was developed using the 'C' language on VAX hosts. Targets included Intel RMX86 real time operating system and an AMD 29116 Bitslice processor.

1979-1983 Shell U.K. Information & Computing Services Ltd, Rolands Way, Wythenshawe, Manchester.

As telecommunications engineer he was responsible for providing digital data communication links between remote Shell sites and the computing centre. He gained experience of multiplexer, modem and leased line technology, broadband CS/MA local area networks, X21, X25, IBM synchronous communication protocols and a wide range of mainframes and minicomputers.

1978 Energy Communications Ltd. Aberdeen.

As Radio Technician he was responsible for repair VHF and UHF mobile radios for offshore use. He gained some experience offshore in the Brent field.

Additional Information

He owns a limited company (Cycom Ltd) which has developed several products. He has had articles published in international radio journals and has published a patent relating to a satellite.

Other Interests

He receives satellite television and radio from many international sources and is interested in linguistics. He is researching machine assisted translation. He is a licensed radio amateur and enjoys designing electronic circuits, energy conversion systems such as wind turbines, solar power stations, CHP, and jet engines.